While many may scoff at using Internet sources as references, this was a deliberate act. I wanted the reader not to have to buy a book mentioned as a reference if they wanted to explore the plant material beyond the scope of this book. Every effort has been made to use reliable sources, such as Extension publications and WebMD for medical uses of the plants.

The references are arranged by the sections of the book and alphabetically when it comes to the plant material.  Some of the references are also the source of plant or seed material. This is not an endorsement of any company.


Intro web information

Intro web information

Getting to the basics

Getting to the basics

Getting to the basics

Agrimony info:

Aloe info:

Angelica info:

Anise info:

Basil info:

Bay leaf Info:

Betony info:

Bistort info:

Bladderwort info:

Bloodwort info:

Bogbean info:

Boneset info:

Borage info:

Borage info:

Borage info:

Bugloss info:

Burdock info:

Butterbur info:

Camomile or Chamomile info:

Caraway info:

Cardamom info:

Cascara info:

Catnip info:

Chelidonium info:

Chelidonium info:

Chickweed info:

Cinquefoil info:

Coltsfoot info:

Comfrey info:

Coneflower info:

Corydalis info:

Cow parsley info:

Dandelion info:

Dill info:

Dittany info:

Dock info:

Dropwort info:

Elecampane info:

Eyebright info:

Fennel info:

Foxglove info:

Fumitory info:

Gentian info:

Germander info:

Ginger info:

Goldenrod info:

Goldenrod info:

Goldenseal info:

Goutweed info:

Horehound info:

Hyssop info:

Lavender info:,,20587573,00.html

Madder root info:

Mallow root info:

Marjoram info:

Meadowsweet info:

Mint info:

Mullein info:

Mustard info:

Nettles info:

Nightshade info:

Nutmeg info:

Orris root info:

Parsley info:

Pellitory-of-the-wall info:

Pennyroyal info:

Peppermint info:

Plantain info:

Purslane info:

Rosemary info:

Roseroot info:

Saffron info:

Sage info:

Saracen’s Consound info:

Saxifrage info:

Self-Heal info:

Slippery elm info:

Soapwort info:

Sorrel info:

Sow fennel info:’s-fennel.php

St. John’s Wort info:

Stoneroot info:

Storksbill info:

Tansy info:

Thyme info:

Turmeric info:

Valerian info:

Vanilla info:

Wood Betony info:  See Betony

Wood sorrel info:

Wormwood info:

Yarrow info:

Yawroot info:


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